We've all grown accustomed to this cold. Or maybe we've all gone numb. This cold weather pattern is persistent with temperatures staying below normal through early February.

Saturday: Snow showers. Quick 1 inch in spots. H: 18 Wind: W 2-4

Saturday Night: Clearing. L: -7 Wind: NW 5-10

Sunday: Cold and sunny. H: 7 L: -1 Wind: W 5-10

Monday: Increasing clouds. H: 11 L: 1 Wind: NW 2
Tuesday: Snow showers. H: 7 L: -10 Wind: N 5-10

Wednesday: Very cold. Staying below zero. H: -1 L: -14 Wind: NW 10
Umm, yea. There's a 80%-90% chance of below normal temperatures through February 9th. Hang in there, think warm thoughts.

2WheelWeather Talk

I had a wonderful conversation with Pam Sayler during the latest episode of 2WheelWeather Talks. She's a local cyclists and owner of Trailhead Cycling located in Champlin. We discussed the rise in popularity of the bike and what the future will bring for the cycling industry as a whole. GREAT stuff. Have a listen:


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