Geeze, that nearly 40 degree high on Sunday was nice while it lasted! Another blob of cold air rotating around the polar vortex sends the latest arctic wave into Minnesota. Those that plan on commuting to work will need to layer up pretty much all week. Luckily, the cold eases up come the weekend for the 2nd Get Phat with Pat race at the River Bottoms. 

Monday Night: Turning much colder. L: -15

Tuesday: Coldest day of the week H: -5 L: -7 Wind: NW 4

Wednesday: Early AM light snow. H: 2 L: -12 Wind: NW 10

Thursday: Clear & cold. H: -3 L: -10 Wind: W 10

Friday: Snow. Around 1 inch. H: 22 L: 17 Wind: SW 10-15

Saturday: Snow showers. H: 25 L: 3 Wind: N 10-15

Sunday: Snow showers. H: 21 L: 15 Wind: SW 10


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